Healing begins with making contact, talking freely and being heard and understood.

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Couples Counselling

Do you want help through a rough patch in your relationship?Lost communication or emotional connection in your marriage?Forever stuck in the same soul-destroying arguments?Are you feeling betrayed or trapped?Do you want an amicable separation while protecting your children?

Deciding to see an experienced marriage counsellor can be a daunting choice. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you resolve your relationship issues, no matter how complex they are.

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Personal Counselling


Counselling helps the individual to cope in times times of loss, conflict or trauma by arming them with the requisite skills to deal with personal crises. The individual can then generate options and find solutions, regain balance and stability, find new strength and courage. This can take the form of:

1. Individual Counselling

2. Couples Counselling

3. Group Counselling


Psychotherapy is for individuals seeking fundamental change. It involves an analysis of the individual and the experiences that caused them to be the way that they are. This may involve an analysis of painful and unresolved issues so as to free the individual from them and allow them to live more fully in the present.

Through therapy, the individual can find a profound sense of renewal and discover who they really are.

Professional Supervision & Consultation

Through her extensive and specialized training in most systemic models, and her supervisory skills, Odelia can assist you in assessing your present ability and identify your learning needs. This can be through live supervision and/or consultation. This is an opportunity for individuals (Practitioners) to advance their clinical skills in individual, couple and family therapy.

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Child Counselling

Child Therapy

The centre provides children with counselling opportunities that involve play therapy and art therapy. Therapy involving children is a distinct discipline that differs significantly from that of adult clients.

The relationship between a child under the age of 17 and the therapist is co-ordinated by the parent. However, parents are not always part of the therapeutic process itself.

An adolescent at the age of 17 years of age enters into a personal contract with their therapist and the degree of parental involvement is largely up to the child to determine. The therapeutic approach is tailor made to the needs of each child. Considerations are made to the child’s age, developmental stage, intellectual and emotional maturity.

The circumstances which encompass the daily experiences of the child are carefully considered. These issues often involve changes to the family unit and/or trauma. Common issues include those of divorce, adoption, blended families, new siblings, recent deaths or immigration.

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Words cannot express our gratitude for helping us sort out issues in our marriage….


You have been amazing support and inspiration to me sharing many of life’s lessons… always with such frankness, honesty and wit…


We both benefited greatly from the experience and are clearer and guilt free in our thinking as a result of our counselling with you.



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