The therapeutic process is an exploratory experience that deepens clients’ understanding and awareness of their personal power to make the choices in daily life.

Through the understanding of the present, the therapist and the client can clarify the impact that the past has on the present. Therapy is a collaborative relationship where the client and the therapist discuss ideas and insights relating to clients’ personal issues that cause them problems in coping with daily life.

Clients are not sick or maladjusted and therefore they are not referred to as patients. Therapy does not ‘fix you’ it ‘fine tunes you’ so that the individual can realize their unique potential.

Therapy facilitates the client’s exploration of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of their world. It aims at enabling the clients to live more authentically with themselves and with others. The therapist is not the expert but a facilitator of this journey to self realisation.


In principle psychotherapy is similar to counselling. It is a dialogue. The relationship is confidential. The client and the therapist engage in a process that is not limited by time. The contract between the therapist and the client is that of commitment and acceptance to the therapeutic relationship as it develops. The psychotherapeutic process allows for deeper examination of client’s life. It engages the client in a process of self-discovery which is influenced and contextualized by their past. The process addresses each client’s emotional, physical, social and spiritual states. The approach is holistic involving the examination of the client’s perception of life as they experience it at the moment of therapy.